Nov. 24, 2017


There are many parts to the image - the image that others see you as, the image you have with other people. And it's very important how other people see you.

If they don't see you as a leader chances are they won't pay attention. If they don't see you as being in control chances are they won't have the trust. If they don't see as knowing where you're going, what you what to accomplish they probably won't follow.

But if people can see you if you have the image of someone that can charge, in control, in control of your life, your future, your destiny, in control of the situation, if they see that, that kind of image is powerful, it helps to win the day, it attracts other people.

People want to be around people that are in control, that are powerful but they know how to use their power, influential but they know how to use their influence. That kind of image is important.

But here is very important image and that is your image of yourself. The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you think, your capacity for learning - all of that is an important image that you have, of yourself. The image that you have, that if it needs to be learned you could learn it, if there's a book that needs to be mastered you could master it, if there is a skill that needs to be learned - why couldn't you get busy now and learn that skill. That kind of self-image - that I am continually trying my best to be the best I can, because one of the most important places you have to look: is into the future - yes, you've got to look into the past - yes, you've got to look around - yes, but one of the most important places you have to look at in the mirror.

You know - how I appear to other people that's important, but how I appear to myself is the ultimate importance. That kind of image to where you'll develop the self-confidence will develop the self-reliance.

- Образ.

Образ неоднозначное понятие. Образ может быть тем что видят в вас другие люди, и с чем они вас ассоциируют. Ведь это важно как другие люди видят вас. То как вы одеваетесь, как ходите, как думаете, как говори, ваша способность обучаться, ваши постоянные усилия стать лучше. Конечно, вы должны смотреть в будующее, да, помнить прошлое, конечно, смотреть что происходит вокруг, обязательно, но самое главное куда вы должны смотреть - это в зеркало.
Как другие люди видят вас важно, но куда важнее - как я сам вижу себя. Контролирую ли я ситуацию в которой нахожусь, свою жизнь, будующее, свою судьбу? Вот что я считаю важным. Это то с чего начинаются самостоятельность и уверенность в своих силах.